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Band News - 8 February 2016

Tonight we played some Celtic material, including The Gael, which we plan to play at our next concert with the aid of some trad music friends. And below is a link to the piece played at the Tattoo - with a soprano sax in there playing the oboe part, moo ha ha.

And what about Star of the Evening? Francois became a worthy nominee for being the only person we know who has never heard of this coveted weekly award. And he's in the band ... what does he do with his copy of band news?? On any other night Richard would have walked off with the award for his excellent work on solo trumpet. But tonight's Star of the Evening swaggered through the Dixie Jazz Funeral, scintillated in Satchmo, and mixed it in Lady Gaga. An excellent performance from Star of the Evening Bill in the trombone section!

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