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Play with BCCB

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Play in the band

We are a non-auditioning Edinburgh concert band who enjoy playing music and performing a wide range of music together. We are open to over 16s of all abilities, however, we strongly recommend that interested players are at least grade 5 standard. 

The band has been going from strength to strength since it's first rehearsal in 2014 and we've enjoyed performing a number of concerts during this time. Our enthusiastic players help ensure our rehearsals are a relaxed, fun social occasion, as well as a great opportunity to improve our playing.


Get Back to Music Programme

Did you used to play? Remember how much you enjoyed it? 


Even if you don't have an instrument we can help you get back into music. Thanks to grants we have a wide range of quality insturments that we can lend. When you feel ready you can join the band and we'll ensure you're playing music you're comfortable with. Get in touch to find out more.

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