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Upcoming events

Greyfriar Kirk Concert

BCCB will be playing with the Spartanburg High School Orchestra at Greyfriars Kirk on the 5th June 2024 at 7.30pm. Doors open 7pm FREE ENTRY

Summer Concerts

We are already thinking ahead to Summer and have a wealth of concerts planned. One of which will be our annual Summer Concert.

Upcoming events

This page is updated regularly so check back soon for more information on our upcoming events and virtual releases. We look forward to seeing you at more live events this year.

Past events

St Giles

BCCB played at St Giles on 21st January 2024 to help celebrate their 200th Anniversary. We loved playing at the wonderful venue and look forward to returning.

St Cecilia's Hall

BCCB  played at St Cecilia's Hall  for St Cecilia's Day on 25th November 2023. Thank you to so many people who joined us at the lovely venue, we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Grayfriars Kirk Concert

BCCB played a joint concert with Delta Winds on the 20th June 2022.  We really enjoyed playing in the wonderful venue!

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