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Band (and more concert) News - 14 May 2018

With conductor Bob stranded on the M90 waiting for the AA (get well soon Bob's car), we had a number of guest conductors putting the band through its paces. The first candidate for Star of the Evening was an unidentified sax player with a pencil for a baton - until the rubber fell off the end. Was that the (only) reason why the clarinets were having a sly giggle?!

Leon was up next, and it turns out he has had conducting lessons at school - great effort! David was great as usual ... and he's so tall now that we can all see him :-)

Julie had a crack at the solo which made George famous, and she now holds the honorary 'Benny Goodman' chair and tonight's award goes to her - which we will be playing at our next concert on Weds 30 May, 7pm at St Thomas Church in Corstorphine.

There will also be a number of school bands and ensembles playing, including Craigmount's legendary big band under the baton of Tony Clarke.

Admission is free although donations to the Corstorphine Public Hall Rebuild Fund would be most welcome :-)

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