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Band News - 15 August 2022

Despite serious competition from Caleb, who managed to put away several chairs and reinstate the lectern whilst carrying two saxes, tonight's Star of the Evening award is well won by Ness for her brilliant beefy bassoon sound. Comical too, what's not to like :)

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Greyfriars Kirk Concert

Hoot hoot, the BCCB train is on its way back to Greyfriars Kirk for a free concert on Weds with Spartanburg High School Orchestra, 7.30pm start. Come and hear our terrific trombones, yay!

Band news - 13 May 2024

The trombones were terrific and Darcy and Kirsty on French horn were fabulous in Cry of the Celts. But Emma wins this week's coveted Star of the Evening award for her perfect piccolo part in the same


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