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Band News - 20 June 2016

Bob was back in charge tonight and took the band through various swing pieces in preparation for the In Full Swing concert which will take place on Saturday 10 September at the home of the band, Bristo Baptist Church.

There were, of course, a few candidates for Star of the Evening. The percussion section, featuring George and Filip, are clearly enjoying the swing pieces. An unidentified member of the sax section received a special commendation for giving The Lion King its growl. But tonight's clear winners are the clarinet section, featuring new member Clare, who, by her own admission, was the only person in the band tonight who, "never played a wrong note". And our other Clare must be enjoying band, as she turned up to play even though there were at least two interesting football matches on TV tonight. Julie kept up the clarinet tradition of spilling coffee over the floor. And even George receives a mention, despite being away sailing in the Med, because the clarinets respectfully insist on keeping his chair free :-)

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