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Band News - 25 April 2016

Now that post-concert euphoria has calmed, tonight we began to work on some new music. Most of which will require quite a lot of work ;-)

With George missing tonight, Filip stepped up to the percussion mark and promptly threw his beanie in the ring for Star of the Evening by carefully playing the wrong piece. Twice. New trumpet player Ailsa was in contention for failing to recognise the doorbell - but managing to find her way in anyway by infiltrating the Scout troupe - good effort Ailsa! An unidentified member of the sax section managed to bring the entire band to a halt during a frantic search for the Coda in Yackety Sax. But tonight's Star of the Evening is conductor Bob, who, after being impressively commanding throughout, quietly searched for The Sign in the very next piece. Yes Bob, we were watching ;-)

And talking of Stars of the Evening ... previous winners Treol Music, who played at our recent concert are just back from their trip to the UKM Arctic International Youth Festival. You can catch some footage from their tour at

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