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Band News - 25 January 2016

Happy New Year, and tonight we played a mix of material including Scots waulking music, music for a New Orleans jazz funeral and music for superheroes - see the following incredible (!) link.

So who was our superhero Star of the Evening tonight?

The entire sax section made a daring bid for the award with their heroic vocals during the New Orleans jazz funeral - which brought the band to a stuttering halt.

Bob was in with a shout for conducting through the pain barrier - and not just due to the singing.

An unidentified member of the sax section ensured the Wicked theme lived up to its name with a FFF F natural in the second bar (what is it with saxes and key signatures?).

But tonight's Star of the Evening award is won by Filip, for his authentic Celtic snare drumming on Burns' night. And the pianissimo glock solo

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