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Band News - 27 June 2016

At the final rehearsal before the break, we welcomed several new players to the band, including Kim on flute, Rachel on alto sax and James on percussion. And yet another Clare for the clarinet section, which might soon be renamed to the "Clare-inet" section.

So who will reign as Star of the Evening over the holidays? There were several contenders ...

Once again Clare H managed to stay for an entire rehearsal, despite there being a particularly interesting football match on TV. Vanessa and Kim danced their way through A Dixieland Jazz Funeral then nailed the plip plops in Alan Fernie's arrangement of Singing in the Rain. An unidentified member of the sax section remarked to the conductor on the dynamics of Benny Goodman's King of Swing that it says, 'pee on the parts' (luckily, it would be most unusual for any member of the sax section to follow instructions on a part). But tonight's Star of the Evening is our new percussionist James, who saw off the competition with several nominations on his debut, well done James!

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