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Band News - 3 June 2019

A great big thank you to the organisers of last week's Corstorphine Festival music event at St Thomas Church in Edinburgh, we had a fantastic time and we hope you all enjoyed the music! If you did, we'd like to let you know that our Wonderful World concert is now less than three weeks away. Once again Yvette was in the running for our coveted Star of the Evening award, this time for her trombone in our Gershwin medley. Meanwhile, Bob and Darcy were making fantastic growly noises on French horn in the same piece - almost matched by the alto saxes masquerading as yellow taxis ;-). But tonight's award is well won by Leon for his lilting solo on soprano sax in a medley of Japanese animation music.

You can hear Leon on soprano and alto saxes at the concert on Sat 22 June, 7pm at Bristo Baptist Church. Tickets still only £5 - hope to see you there!

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