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Band News - 30 March 2020

Another interesting week, and we have had several nominations for our Star of the Evening - currently Star of the Week - award. First up was Sandy, who has (allegedly 😉) been entertaining his FB followers all week, including with a virtual tour around his flat. Then there was an unidentified alto player whose dulcet tones serenaded the NHS last Thursday. And most of Corstorphine 🙂. Ruari has been giving central Edinburgh residents a treat with his One O'Clock trumpet.

But this week's worthy winner is Gareth Malone, for keeping the world singing at 5.30pm on weekdays! You can register to join Gareth Malone's home choir at the link below - enjoy!

And don't forget to get in touch with your nominations for Star of the Week and any ideas for keeping people playing, thanks 😀

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