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Band (and Concert) News - 5 September 2016

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

At a great rehearsal tonight we managed to get through almost the whole concert programme and we had the biggest band ever :-) A special hello to new flute player hyoHeon, all the way from South Korea - welcome to BCCB!

Tonight's big news is that the In Full Swing concert is on Saturday. Tickets are £5 / £3 concessions and will be available on the door, and home baking will be available at the interval (and in the great tradition of The Calendar Girls, for this kind of special occasion, we may buy some from our sponsors, ASDA and The Co-op 😉)

And now for the other news ... who was tonight's Star of the Evening? On an evening where everyone was In Full Swing in preparation for Saturday, Paul's French horn in Mancini's Moon River was sublime, whilst the entire brass section impressed in The Lion King, pulling out all the stops to perform exactly per score instructions 'Quasi Organ'. But tonight's Star of the Evening is Gordon, sax section stalwart and band jokemeister, whose instant comment to someone's question on the timings for a forthcoming gig, 'How long is the Kilt Walk?' question, was "Ten miles".

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