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Band News (and Happy Birthday BCCB) - 16 November 2015

At tonight's rehearsal we celebrated the first birthday of Bristo Community Concert Band.

Well done to everyone on a fantastic first year, which has included several themed concerts at the home of the band, Bristo Baptist Church, as well as a number of charity events. In true Harry Potter style, everyone played Happy Birthday in their preferred key and at their own tempo. Just like most of our pieces tonight ;-)

And our first birthday wasn't the only thing we had to celebrate tonight. The band's application for funding from the Co-op Local Fund has leaped over the first hurdle and the excellent news is that the band is in the list of finalists. We can expect to receive an award from the fund, however, the amount will depend on how many Co-op members vote for us.

So ... Star of the Evening. We can exclusively reveal that the Star of the Evening award on the band's first birthday (cue fanfare trumpets) goes to ... Julie, for her wonderful work on our funding application. Well done. And of course we expect many more great things from you now Jules!

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