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Busking in Granton May 2019

We had a happy afternoon of busking at Granton:hub yesterday, but who was tonight's Star of the Evening? George, currently away sailing around Greece, receives a special commendation for being part of an exhibition hosted by Voluntary Arts Scotland at the Grassmarket. And tonight must be a starry night for absentees as Gareth was in with a shout for his fantastic bugling at Granton - which must have taken it out of him because he wasn't at rehearsal 😊. But our Star of the Evening also sounded fab at Granton, and did make it along tonight ... well done Diane, keep up that excellent corneting!

Next up is the Corstorphine Community Centre fundraising concert as part of Corstorphine Festival on Wed 29th May at St Thomas Church in Corstorphine where we'll reprise a few of our - and your - TV favourites - including Les Mis 😀

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