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Band News - 19 November 2018

There are only 35 shopping days until Christmas and eek! - there are less than four weeks until our Christmas concert at 7pm on Sat 15 December at Bristo Baptist Church.

So with rehearsal time at a premium, who was tonight's Star of the Evening? Once again Ian was in contention with a stirring rendition of 'The Night Before Christmas'. Dominic heroically played the timpani, the drum kit and assorted other items of percussion, whilst carefully managing to dodge the Baptismal font - phew! But sadly he couldn't quite reach the tubular bells in Leroy Anderson's 'A Christmas Festival' ...

Which left the path clear for the saxophones to take tonight's award, causing much hilarity with a special wee tubular bell made from two pencils and a mouthpiece cap 😎

And if you'd like to enjoy it, you'll have to come to the concert 😃

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