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Band News -24 July 2017

There was a good turnout at our first after the summer break, and we were delighted to welcome new trumpet player John and his very cool Bach Strad to the band - both fantastic additions to our trumpet section, and definitely in line for Star of the Evening - but there was a lot of competition tonight 😎

Lone percussionist Dominic somehow managed to jump between kit and tuned percussion without missing a beat.

The clarinets, with an amazing ten people (even with a few missing), easily broke the all time record for the biggest section in the band. It's just as well lots of them are called Clare 😃

Jim made a sneaky late bid, craftily hiding KT's music and forcing her to sing the tuba parts. But tonights's coveted award goes to Ian, who arrived with a new band notice board. That somehow wasn't noticed 😆

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