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Band News - 28 September 2015

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

The Church's 250th Anniversary Concert is now officially looming. Tonight's rehearsal covered a wide range of music through the years from Mozart to Miles. So if you would like to hear the concert band version of the fantastic John Miles' "Music", come and join us at 7pm on Saturday 24 October at the home of the band, Bristo Baptist Church.

And what about Star of the evening? There were a few candidates tonight. David diligently sorted all the new pieces into the pads - carefully sabotaging only his older brother's music. The tubas bettered the flutes by only a small margin in extracting the most pained expression from our wonderful conductor - proving someone was watching you Bob! But tonight's award goes to Gordon, who played some sweet alto saxophone in the final piece of the evening. Award? Saxophone? Could this be a first?!

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