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Band News - 6 November 2017

If you are looking for some musical entertainment this weekend, you can catch some of us on Saturday at Dunfermline Abbey, playing with conductor Bob's Regimental Band, Black Watch ACF. And on Sunday, a few members of our renowned sax section will be playing in ICC sax choir at St Baldred's Church in North Berwick on Sunday evening.

Oh, you want to know who was Star of the Evening ... Vanessa, back in the flute section after a short break, made an early bid when she gave out Bb parts to the alto saxes. But saxes were invented to be loud, and our ones sit right behind the flutes, moo ha ha. So they got their own back at the start of Finlandia, with an fff entry 😈

Meanwhile, Dominic once again was in the running, not only for his excellent work on the drum kit, but also for recruiting the entire sax section as assistant percussionists :-)

But tonight's winner, with several nominations, was Sarah, who had an excellent evening on solo trombone 😍

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