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Band News - 7 September 2015

A hard working rehearsal tonight with a tear down of some challenging material in the first half and an enjoyable blast of such exciting tunes as Entry of the Gladiators and How to Train Your Dragon in the second half.

One or two people were missing tonight, but there was a good mix of instruments and all parts were covered. So there were a few contenders for Star of the Evening. It was great to see - and hear - Paul back on French horn. Bill's silky euphonium solos could only have been bettered by a sax ;-) Claire was in with a shout, not only for her clarinet playing but also for keeping us all updated on the football score. But tonight's award goes to Stephanie, who swapped clarinet for oboe and showed that double reeds are not in fact the devil after all. Who would have thought it?

And a few events to look forward to:

Sat 24 Oct - 250th anniversary concert at Bristo, open rehearsal on the day from 3pm, tea at the church, then concert at 7pm.

Sun 29 Nov - Carol concert at Bristo.

Sun 13 Dec - Carol concert at Sighthill.

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