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Best of Both Bands Joint Concert 2018

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

What a fantastic concert on Saturday many thanks to the youth band from De Barracka for joining us, and thanks to all of our precious audients - including the online ones - for the brilliant feedback. Our next concert will be at the West Church in Haddington to celebrate Haddington 700.

Tonight was our last rehearsal before a three week break, and we were delighted to welcome along new members Charlie and Esther on clarinet 🎶

Charlie was right in the mix for Star of the Evening when he commented on how friendly the band members are - thanks Charlie! Meanwhile, Jill on euphonium caused some giggles by searching for the 2/4 bar Bob was talking about ... and discovered she was playing the wrong piece 😊

But tonight's shining star is our wonderful flute player Cecile, the only French person we know who actually says 'he haw he haw he haw' 😍

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